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Sirportly includes support for working with Olark allowing you to easily keep track of live chat conversations which you have with your customers.

In order to enable this, you simply need to following the instructions below.


Please be aware this module should still be considered experimental/beta

Set up the Olark Webhook

Head over to the Olark website, login to your account and set up a web hook to point to this URL:

In order for this integration to work, you must configure your Olark account to request the name & email of all users who chat with you. This allows Sirportly to create a customer account for your visitor. You can enable this from the Customize -> Behaviour & Text -> Pre Chat options in your Olark account.

Configure your Olark javascript

In order to determine which department and status to submit your new ticket as, you need to set some custom fields in your website implementation.

olark('api.visitor.updateCustomFields', {brand: 'Brand Name', department:'Technical Support', status:'Resolved'});

Using Olark with the Download Edition

If you're using our download edition, you must ensure you enable the 'olark' module in your configuration file. The olark module must be defined in the config.plugins.misc array.