Simple and easy to understand pricing for everyone.

Sirportly’s pricing is simple and easy to understand. You can either use Sirportly on our secure & reliable cloud or you can install it on your own servers.

What is Sirportly Enterprise?

Sirportly Enterprise a packaged version of the software which you can run on your own servers. This means that you can host it behind your company firewall and remain in control of all your data. Instead of paying each month, you just pay annually for the number of users you require to be able to use your account.

Why use Sirportly Enterprise?

  • Host your helpdesk wherever you wish.
  • Software updates included.
  • Extend the system as you wish using our modules architecture.
  • Integrate with your own login infrastructure using LDAP.
  • Keep control of all your data.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a Sirportly Enterprise licence depends on the number of staff users you want to support. Software updates released throughout your licence period can be installed automatically with no additional cost.

£109 / per user / per year

Minimum of 10 users must be included on your subscription each year.

Extras & other pricing

Mobile Applications (iPhone & Android)
Installation Service
From £500
Service Migration Assistance
From £1,000
Installation Upgrade Service
From £250
Support Incident
£ 75/incident

VAT is not included in any of the prices on our website. If you're in the UK, we'll charge you VAT. If you're elsewhere, the amount of VAT or sales tax that you'll pay may depend on your location and whether or not you're using Sirportly for business purposes.