Collaborate with everyone with team chat integration

Our whole team sits in our team chat room every day and Sirportly joins the conversation to let us know whether a ticket has been updated so we can take a look right away.

Why use SMS notifications?

SMS notifications are great for alerting staff to urgent messages or just letting them know a customer has replied to a ticket outside of normal office hours.

SMS notifications are operated differently depending on which edition of the software you are using. The information below outlines how to get up and running with SMS notifications right away.

I’m using Sirportly Cloud

If you wish to send SMS notifications using our Cloud Edition, messages can be purchased from us in packs. Our pricing for these packs is shown below and can be purchased through the Customer Area. Once you have purchased an SMS pack, you will be able to view your usage through our Customer Area and add additional credits whenever required.

Number of messages Price for pack
100 £7.25
200 £14.70
500 £36.57
1,000 £73.50
2,000 £147.00

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