Data Frames

Data frames allow you to easily display additional information about your customers directly in the help desk system. You can configure these frames to automatically grab HTML from an external source and then these are displayed within an iFrame to your staff users.

As an example, this functionality is ideal for easily displaying information about a customer's billing transactions or invoices straight to your staff users without the need to login to another system.

Data frames can be found within the "Workflow" section of the Admin Interface.

Creating a new data frame

When adding a new data frame in the admin interface, you will be prompted to enter the following:

  • Name - the name of the frame as it will be displayed to staff (keep this short)
  • URL - the URL you wish to request to return the data
  • Auth key - an optional username which will be sent with the requests which you can use to authenticate

Once you have added the data frame in the Sirportly admin interface, you will need to set up an end point at the URL you have entered.

Configuring a remote frame

In order to pull data from your external service, we will send you a POST request to the HTTP URL you provide with a few parameters which help you identify the customer who's information should be displayed.

The following parameters will be included within the POST request:

  • key - the key which you entered when configuring the form
  • contacts[] - an array of contacts which are associated with the customer. These will be in the format of where email is the name of the method type (these can be methods like twitter or email).

Each time a member of staff requests the frame, we will make this request and serve them any data which you return. You must return data with a 200 OK HTTP status otherwise we will display an error to the user. It's also important to ensure that your request responds quickly to avoid a timeout occurring.

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