Get ticket update details

This method returns the information associated with a given update.




This method is available to all account tokens and any user tokens who have access to the ticket.

Supported Parameters

  • ticket - the ticket reference (required)
  • update - the ID of the update to show (required)

Example JSON

    "id": 1,
    "subject": "blah blah",
    "message": "blah blah",
    "html_body": "blah blah",
    "html_safe": false,
    "private": false,
    "posted_at": "2013-03-14T17:10:17Z",
    "avatar_url": "{{size}}&d=mm",
    "author": {
        "type": "Customer",
        "id": 4,
        "reference": "",
        "name": "Adam Cooke",
        "abbreviated_name": "Adam C",
        "company": "",
        "mail_format": "both",
        "pin": "703133",
        "created_at": "2013-03-14T17:10:16Z"
    "from_name": "Adam Cooke",
    "from_address": "",
    "minutes_since_reply_due": null,
    "minutes_since_resolution_due": null,
    "minutes_since_submission": "0.01",
    "minutes_since_last_reply": null,
    "signature_text": null,
    "stripped_content": null,
    "authenticated": false,
    "message_id": "",
    "attachments": [],
    "source": null,
    "notification_sent": null,
    "delivered": null

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