Account Import Mode

This method allows you to disable or enable import mode for the account which your authenticating token belongs to. When enabled, this will ensure that various automated actions are not carried out. This should be enabled whenever you are planning to add a large number of historical tickets to your account using the API.

  • Disables all outbound messages from being sent when ticket updates are added
  • Disables all rules and macros from running automatically
  • Disables all notifications




This method can only be access by account level tokens or user tokens with admin access.

Supported Parameters

  • status - either 'enabled' or 'disabled' depending on whether you wish to enable or disable import mode

Example JSON

This method will always return a 200 OK. This will return the current status of import mode. If you do not send a status parameter, it will return the current status without making any changes.

    "status": true

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