Receiving Customer E-mail

So you've just created your brand new Sirportly helpdesk, now you need to get those all important customer emails in so that you can start responding to tickets. You've got a few different options for this.

Forwarding Messages

Most of our customers choose to forward messages from their support address to the Sirportly. The way this is done will vary between email providers and the software used. It should be fairly simple, but we've got a few guides for specific services below:

Polling for messages from POP3 and IMAP

If you've got an email account with a service provider that doesn't allow message forwarding, you can now configure Sirportly to periodically pull email from your server. We'll check each of your mailboxes for new messages every 5 minutes.

Manually forwarding from your Inbox

Sometimes a customer will send you an email to your personal mailbox, or send a technical support question in reply to an earlier thread. If you'd rather such conversations took place in Sirportly, you can now forward these messages to your support address, and they'll be converted into tickets.

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