API Access

Within this page you can create API tokens that allow you to grant access to other services to interact with ticketing data stored in your helpdesk, using our API.

To create a new API token, firstly click the Add New API Token button, then enter a name for your token, selecting at the same time its permission level:

New Token

Unchecking the "Full access to use all API methods" option will present a list of API methods that you can then individually grant access to.

Next if you wish to restrict access to the token to certain IP addresses, click the IP Restrictions tab then enter any IP addresses or ranges to allow access, separating each entry by a new line:

IP restrictions

Finally, if you wish to enable logging for your API token, navigate to the Logging tab then check the option "Log enabled?" to enable logging, as well as the option to "Include Data?" if you also wish to store the response data sent back from the client:


Finally, click Create API Token to finish.


Once you've added your token, you'll find it in the list with available permissions, and whitelisted IP and a last used time. The secret will be displayed only once you've created the token and not again afterwards, so you'll need to make a note of it immediately.

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