If your company sells several different products, for example, brands are perfect. A brand can be created for each product, so your tickets will be separated by main relevancy straight off.

Creating, Editing & Deleting Brands

To view, edit, create and delete your brands, visit the Brands page under 'General Setup' via your admin dashboard. There will already be one brand in the list - the company you signed up as. You can edit this brand's (and any others', if you create more) name, website URL, phone number and HTML e-mail template, by clicking either its name, or the pencil icon on the right. You can also delete it by clicking the red 'X' on the right.

Brands List

When deleting a brand, you must first ensure that there are no tickets that are assigned to any of the departments within that brand - when you delete a brand, all its departments are deleted too, and as mentioned before, all tickets must be assigned to a department. Be careful when deleting brands - once they're gone, they're gone, and if you change your mind, you'll have to create the brand and all its departments from scratch.

Creating a new brand is extremely simple: just click the green button labelled 'Add New Brand', enter your desired brand name, its website URL, a relevant phone number, your chosen HTML e-mail template and press 'Create Brand', whereupon it'll appear in your brand list. The brand name and e-mail template are the only compulsory pieces of information when creating a brand. All e-mails sent from departments within this brand will be styled according to the chosen template.

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