Deleting Attachments

This method allows you to remove attachments that have been uploaded to Sirportly. The parameters passed varies depending on whether the attachment has been added to a ticket update.




This method can be accessed by account tokens and user tokens where the associated user has access to the tickets UI.

Supported Parameters

Attachment is not yet part of a ticket

If the attachment has been uploaded, but not yet attached to a ticket (for example, by using the add_attachment API method, but not yet assigning it to a created ticket). You only need to pass the temporary_token of that attachment.

  • attachment - Temporary token returned when attachment was created (required)

Attachment is part of a ticket update

Once the attachment is part of an update, you need to pass the ticket reference and update ID as well as the permanent ID of the attachment

  • ticket - Ticket reference the attachment belongs to
  • update - ID of the update the attachment belongs to
  • attachment - ID of the attachment to delete

Returned Data

If the removal is successful, you will receive a 200 OK response otherwise you will receive a 409 Conflict.

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