Listing tickets (for company)

This method allows you to return all the tickets which have been reported by a contact who's company matches the company name which you provide.




This method can be accessed by account tokens only.

Supported Parameters

  • company - the name of the company you wish to return tickets for (required)
  • brand - the name or ID of a brand to restrict returned tickets to the specified brand (optional, returns all brands by default)
  • page - the page number to return tickets for (optional, defaults to 1)
  • sort_by - the name of a field to sort results by (optional, must be one of updated_at, created_at, reference, subject, last_update_posted_at, reply_due_at, resolution_due_at, first_response_time, first_resolution_time, resolution_time)
  • order - the direction you wish to sort results (optional, must be 'asc' or 'desc', defaults to 'asc')

Returned Data

The API will return information about the contact as well as paginated ticket results (30 per page).

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