Knowledge Bases

Your knowledge base works in a hierarchical tree structure - all pages you create should belong to another page above them in the tree. To create a new page just use the Add Page button on whichever page you wish to add a new page within. Once you have added the page, you can always return to it to make changes or remove it if required.

Who can access your knowledge bases?

By default, knowledge bases can only be accessed by the teams which have been assigned to them. However, in some cases knowledge bases may be made available to the public too - for more information about this, take a look at Support Centres and Public Interfaces.

Formatting your pages with Markdown

  • Use **bold text here** to insert bold text
  • Use *italic text* to insert italic text.
  • Use hashes (#) to insert headings (for example, ##Level 2 heading, ###Level 3 heading etc...)
  • Use backticks (`) around any inline code
  • For block level code you just surround your code with three backticks ``` on the lines above and below the code. Entering a language name after the backticks on the first line will enable syntax highlighting.
  • Prefix lines with > for any block quotes
  • Use asterisks (*) to create unordered, bulleted lists
  • Use regular numbers followed by periods (.) to insert numbered lists
  • Use [Google]( to insert links to external pages
  • Enter {{nav}} on any page to display a linked list of all pages contained within the page you are viewing.

Further assistance

Further information about how to work with the Markdown language can be found here.

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